marți, martie 16

My little ghost

I want you to be a ghost,my ghost. But not an ordinary ghost, a ghost that will haunt every dream of mine, at the time I call for you. Never leave me alone, always there for my haunter heart.
I want to make you my little queen, my Banshee Queen and I want to be your only servant.
I would give my life to know why I care so much for me.
I didn’t want you in my life, but now I can’t live a minute without my heart yelling your name!!!!Why did I let it happened?Why?WHY?!
You are the answer to all my feelings and questions.
For one thing I’m sure, I don’t want to see your tears and I’ll do anything to put a smile on your face!
Sometimes I wonder who you are and why are you here, here after me? Why are you haunting me and the most important thing why do I care so much abou you?Again WHY?WHY?!
Say “Hello!” to me again, but never say goodbye my little ghost queen!

Never let me catch you, because I’ll destroy you with all my will and my power!

Imprisoned for many years, banished from my own home-soul and now you dare enter my heart??!!

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